Jeli position bordering Thailand cause it can not get away from the problems of drug abuse, smuggling, illegal entry and conflicting political ideologies as well as the problem of illegal terminals.

1. Problems of Drug

  • Problems of drug abuse, especially among adolescents and youth are still there in the Jeli. This is accentuated by the location of the Jeli is bordered by Thailand, causing drug dealers and addicts are easy to get supplies. Drugs that are often used by drug addicts now is a pill which horses, ecstasy, cocaine, crack cocaine, morphine and marijuana.

2. Illegal base for smuggling

  • There are 2 Base Haram in Jeli such as Pangkalan Haram Kampung Sat, Tahiland dan Kampung Labu di Wakaf Zin, Gemang. Currently, the Pangkalan Haram Kampung Sat / Labu is not very active, but the security (forces) are still conducting security operations there.
  • There are illegal entrance into Malaysia via Jalan Kalai / Berjuang ke Bukit Mas, Thailand. Illegal entrance is quite isolated, which is about 5 miles from the village of Kalai. The entrance is not very active in the illegal smuggling due to its location far. However, there is a possibility that illegal entry is used to smuggle cattle from Thailand here. There Postal troop deployment in Jalan Berjuang ke Bukit Mas to control the security situation in the border illegally entrance.

3. Illegal immigrants

  • Economic activity for the Jeli focused on the agricultural sector of the rubber. Illegal immigrants from Thailand is to make a living by tapping rubber in gardens belonging to residents in Jeli and create other jobs.
  •                              Illegal immigrants can cause both positive and negative. The positive effect is that they came here to do some work tapping rubber.
  •                           It's a bit much to move the economy in Jeli. Negative impact is the entry will cause crime like theft, murder, smuggling and trafficking of drugs as a horse pill.

4. Other Threats

  • Still, there are differences in political ideology in Jeli in the community. Political differences at this time is not so obvious and well-contained.

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